This week…

This week always sharpens the focus on both mourning and thanks that fills my mother heart.  This year marks 10 years since the passing of our 3rd little angel.

The week leading up to Thanksgiving I was in the doctor’s office when they told me our little one no longer had a heartbeat.  I wailed and asked them to please tell me they were wrong.  I prayed continuously that The Lord would bring a miracle about as I waited (we chose not to have a dnc), what a testimony it would be!  That wasn’t His will for our lives and I went into labor Tuesday after Thanksgiving, while sitting in story hour with my other kids.  We delivered our sweet one early the next morning in our bathroom.

As I look back I am flooded with all the intensity of the emotions from that 10 or so days, from the shock, to the praying, saying goodbye, labor and delivery, and mourning.  Out of this hard time, God has allowed us true thankfulness that only comes from Him!  You see He gave me the gift of time; to hold my child, safe and warm in my womb as I mourned.  He gave me comfort in all the pain.  He healed my body to carry a sibling.

This week is tough on my heart!  While there are many more details (perhaps for another time)…I hope you focus on a God who is good all of the time, no matter what we are facing, for this I am overwhelmingly thankful!

May God bless you and your family on this Thanksgiving!


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