In all the busy-ness….

It’s been two weeks since a post, my friends, I am sorry!  Thank you for being disappointed that a post hasn’t come up in your feed (yes, reaching here, i bet you are just as busy!)

Around here it’s the “normal” crazy and then add in Christmas planning and enjoying, well, a little overload.  I must admit, selfishly I am thrilled to be getting a WHOLE week off of school starting Monday!  I guess it’s good to be sleeping with the principle 😉

This year more then every I think we are focused more on the important parts of this season.  Perhaps it’s being so busy there isn’t room for the perfectionist in me to have much say this year?!  Cards did NOT get made, therefore none sent.  I love to keep in touch with many around the world this time of year, but I let it go this time around.  The house is cozy, but not perfect (the kids did the ornaments and i didn’t re-position any!)  Gifts are being thoughtfully picked out and wrapped by the purchaser (no perfectly lined up seams or tight corners).  No matching outfits bought (oh wait, pjs are in the mail…you will want to stay tuned for that!).  This year there is only time to enjoy.  The light in the kids eyes as they imagine a sibling opening the gift they so carefully picked out and bought with their own money, the lack of stress over using the “right” wording for the card, a bit of rest from a strict timeline for buying (always have it done by thanksgiving), a chance to see our friends and share in the joy of a season that points to the greatest gift of all, Jesus!  My imperfect Christmas is shaping up that way this year, so very interesting what you can learn when you are too busy for the stuff of life and you focus on just life!!

Merry Christmas to you all, I pray your season is less about the things and more about the relationships!



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