Thanks for waiting around for me!  Really enjoyed the break from our “normal” around here!  The couple of weeks around the holidays was a wonderful treat and totally enjoyed by us all!!  Renewed now and back at it 🙂  you?  So on to regularly schedule posts, ha…

Stuff, it is on almost everyone’s list of resolutions…”get more organized”, “clean out the ___room”, “live more simply”, do you have one like this on your New Year’s list?  Well, I chose not to make a list this year.  I took the time we had as a break from our routine to really look at our surroundings and think about how they work (or not) for our lives!  We took out bags of broken and ripped pieces of things from the girl’s room, took a HUGH box of outgrown items to share.  My room yielded two bags of clothes that don’t fit my body or my style.  How did we end up this way?

Well, it seems it was a slow progression, perhaps it happens in time.  Thankfully we began to notice that the “stuff” wasn’t really making us enjoy, help, or enhance our lives any longer (did it every, really?).  So this New Year, instead of resolution I have gifted my family with space, freedom, and less yelling to “clean it up”!!

This wasn’t conscious.  You see, as the girl and I cleaned out her room to move the furniture, in hopes of accommodating a new lighting fixture she was given for Christmas, we stumbled onto something.  We both felt better!  More in control and even wonderful to share those things we had simply outgrown a use for.  For me, it kicked my butt and I became a mad woman!  The girl got a wonderful clean room and a sweet new set up, best yet, she is keeping it clean and organized 😉

As I was working through other areas of our home and also enjoying the down time, that is so precious around here, I kept disconnected and that too felt great (although, not part of this post…stay tuned)  Funny thing is, when I came back around to some social media catch up, I noticed a post...7-tips-to-simplify-your-life-in-2015…hmmm, must read.  So I wondered over there and boy was I loving what she was writing!  (i normally do, seriously check out other stuff while you are there!) So reading the links, still high from my cleanse, I have decided I can do more!

Going to try out a challenge from one of the posts…join me?  All of February (yes, i know i picked the shortest month, no dummy here!) I will get rid of one item from our house, EACH and EVERY day!  I will be posting it over on Instagram with the hastag #simplifyfeb.  Swing by and take a peek at what I release from our place, make suggestions, or join the challenge yourself!


2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. As you know, my friend, I am a HUGE fan of ridding my life of clutter! When we are camping and I fall asleep at night in our tent, I always think that pretty much everything of any real importance whatsoever is right in the tent with me (with the exception of a few relatives and really good friends, of course!). Good for you!

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