How’s it going?

So have you been working on lightening up your life?  Each day we are thoughtfully working towards simplicity and without all that clutter in life, imagine the lack of clutter in our brain!!

Today I am reminded that it’s not just our homes that fall into the areas that need simplicity…I tackled my purse and boy it felt GOOD!  I found 3 gift cards, 1 full rewards card waiting to be used, too many receipts to count, a cork?? and two chocolate bars from last valentine’s day, along with some broken things and old lists…GOOD RIDDANCE.   Seriously, this thing is so much lighter and easier to tote around with me now 🙂   AHHHHHH

Check out this great post for some of the inspiration for today’s clean out!

What have you been up to with simplifying your surrounding?


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